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Interview: The Thomsen Sisters

We spoke to #Faithfullgirls and sisters, Michaela & Emelie Thomsen about the inspiration behind their very own natural and organic beauty range, their daily beauty routine and what is on the horizon for Thomsen Beauty.


“Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are, where you are from and what it is you both do.”

"We are sisters born in Nice, south of France, but from a Swedish mum and a Danish dad. We are now living between Paris and Amsterdam to develop Thomsen, our organic skincare brand :)"


“We are so excited that you girls have created your very own organic and natural beauty range. Please share with us the inspiration behind Thomsen Beauty and the process in creating the range.”

"A few years ago we started to change our beauty practices, and to look for more sustainable beauty products. We were kind of fed up by the global beauty industry; both in terms of production, and quality of their offer. But at the time we couldn’t quite find 100% natural products that were up to our standards of efficacy and quality on the market, so we took the decision to start Thomsen for women who wanted to take care of themselves without risking their health and the environment.

During our research we became aware that most cosmetics contain toxic molecules, some of which are potentially carcinogenic* and that their development by large groups infringed fundamental environmental regulations. Our laboratory is based in France and is specialized in organic cosmetics, we have been working closely with our expert team for over two years on the research and development of our products, and after following months of countless tests, the strict specifications for our first line were met; 100% natural and organic, non-toxic products with active ingredients :)"


“Your daily AM and PM routine using Thomsen Beauty along with any additional tips looks like..”

"For us, beauty is about quality over quantity, we have developed a ritual based on three steps : Cleanse, Hydrate et Refine.

The most important thing we do is to wash our face every morning and every night before sleep with our foaming cleanser, Azur, who provides deep cleansing of dead skin cells, pollutants and makeup, without drying your skin.

Right after the cleansing, we use our beauty mist, Brume to rebalance the skin’s natural pH and to prepare our skin for treatment. Then, the best part of this ritual.. the face massage (2 minutes at least with circular movements) with our oil serum Regina who activates the radiance of the skin. Concentrated in natural active ingredients and vitamin E, it deeply hydrates the face and fights the action of free radicals.

During day time, we like to use our daily moisturizer, Riviera or Paloma, it protects from pollution and keeps your skin hydrated :) Et voilà =)"


“If you had to choose your favorite product from the current offering, what would it be and why? ”

Emelie : "It will definitely be our beauty mist, Brume, I use it 10 times a day, it’s easy and it illuminates my skin instantly!"

Michaela : "Our oil serum, Regina, my skin is dry and this oil hydrates perfectly and reduces wrinkles effectively"


“What is on the horizon for Thomsen Beauty?”

"We are extending the range at the moment, so we develop new products, and the next one is an organic radiant face mask ! We can’t wait to share it. We also recently signed a partnership in order to extend the presence of Thomsen in the North of Europe, back to our roots!"

Words & Photography :

Emelie & Michaela Thomsen