Summer Moments With Omer Gilony

Introducing SUMMER MOMENTS: Volume 4.

Showcasing the lives of four creatives, each with their own story to tell, discovering the essence of Summer and what it means and looks like to them.

In Volume 4, florist, set designer & tablescape artist Omer Gilony is captured in Lisbon by photographer Ana Roque.


“Please introduce yourself: ”

My name is Omer Gilony. I am 25 years old and I am a set designer and decorator that focuses on events, hospitality and lifestyle.

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv and moved to Lisbon in 2019 pre pandemic for a BA in Design.

I went to Milan for my final BA semester which covered Scenography and set design.


“Immersed within a range of creative industries, can you tell us a bit more about what you do and how you found yourself in these fields? ”

My background in event decoration and creative direction started with floristry as I opened a floral design studio at the age of 16 in Tel Aviv.

I then started touching on different subjects related to the art of table setting. Creative direction, concept development for events and photoshoots, styling and decoration. Nowadays I offer different services - Creative direction, visual storytelling, set design, food styling, floristry, event styling, Table setting, tableware rental, and concept development and I am always open to trying new services and projects.


“With so much of what you do involving visual storytelling and decoration, where, who or what acts as a source of your inspiration? ”

I am inspired by older times and I aim to revive them in my work. I would define my creative style as Romantic and nostalgic yet I always connect to the brand/ client’s personal style and necessities.

Baroque and romanticism have a big influence on my work and inspiration. I often visit palaces, antique museums and art collections that hold paintings and sculptures from those eras.

I visit the flea market once a week to source objects and tableware that I use in my work and events design.


“Living between two sun-drenched cities, Tel-Aviv and Lisbon, what does a quintessential Summer day look like to you? ”

Being raised in Tel Aviv and moving to Lisbon kept my summers really warm. In the summer I prefer to stay at home/ work during the day and leave the house in the afternoon when it’s a bit more chill.

Events season is at its best during the spring-summer so I do have a lot of work during those times. In my free time, I appreciate an afternoon of summer breezed aperol with friends. A good refreshing swim followed by a nice nap on white bedsheets. Fish lunch at my local Portuguese restaurant with a glass of fresh white wine.


“How would you describe your personal dress style and what are some trusted favourites in your Summer wardrobe? ”

I always loved dressing up. I feel like my style evolved throughout the years and loving to Europe definitely has a part in that evolution.

I would say it’s Classic, feminine and timeless. I try to only buy clothes that I can see myself wearing in the next few years. Nothing trendy. No fast fashion.

I am definitely a shoe-obsessed girl. Living in Lisbon makes it a bit complex when it comes to shoes due to the hills that the city lays upon so I try to find sandals that would survive this beautiful city. I have these pairs of vintage designer shoes that I absolutely love. They work with every look and are so comfortable.

Long dresses from Faithfull became an everyday look for me during the summer. I am literally wearing the Tergu Maxi dress while writing this text.


“A must do, see and eat in Lisbon, Portugal: ”

Must do in Lisbon during the summer: find a good “Tasca” which is a traditional Portuguese restaurant and have a long lunch with Fresh Robalo (white fish) and some white wine.

Order some clams in coriander and garlic for a starter. Stroll at Feira Da Ladra (flea market) on Saturday morning. 

Take a cold ocean swim on the coast of Caparica


“What feelings or things evoke a sense of summer for you? ”

I get a sense of summer with the smell of sunscreen. It’s this excitement to wake up in the morning. It’s the early morning hours that are a bit chilly and you know that soon the warmth of the sun will take over. The smell of grilled fish, fresh light beer, and white laundry hanging on every window. Peaches and cherries. That’s summer to me.