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Travel: Emily Yates

We spoke to #Faithfullgirl Emily Yates about her dreamy waterfront holiday build, where she is drawing inspiration from and her Top 5 must see/do in Tasmania.


“You are currently building a dreamy waterfront holiday stay in Tasmania, can you share with us why Tasmania?”

"We fell in love with the raw beauty of Tasmania years ago. It embodies the rugged nature that is Australia. For us it’s a place to slow down and completely switch off. To immerse ourselves in the moment, and focus on each other and our family."


“What and where do you draw inspiration from for your build?”

"Scandinavian waterside shacks. We wanted the build to have a rawness about it, and blend in with nature. Not be ostentatious and stand out."


“Top 5 must see/do in TASMANIA: ”

"This is just my personal list, I’m well aware everyone’s idea may be different - but for me:

- Eat fresh oysters from Bruny Island

- Swim in the crystal blue waters of the bay of fires

- drink hot cups of tea in a sea- side shack ( any seaside shack, there are hundreds to choose from ) and just appreciate the beauty of stillness and silence

- Do a hike. Any hike - pick one, they’re everywhere. Cradle mountain, Freycinet national park, port Arthur '- anything where you immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Tasmania's nature

- Learn and understand the history of the Tasmanian Aboriginal People."


“ Local travel means to you:”

"Appreciating the incredible country that we get to call home, having respect for the land and its traditional owners, learning to appreciate what is right in front of you."


“ Being by the ocean makes you feel:”

"At home."

Words & Photography :

Emily Yates