Behind The Roma Print

The Roma print, an exclusive hand-drawn print, created in collaboration with Italian-English artist, Chiara Perano.

Based in East London, Chiara Perano or @ciao__chiara is known for her unique illustrations, paintings, letterings and ceramics, all crafted by hand. To celebrate our Italian-inspired Spring 2024 collection, Roma, we collaborated with Chiara to bring to life an authentic yet playful design to feature across both ready-to-wear pieces and our signature pareo. Here, she shares insight to her design process and how she brings her art to life.


“Can you tell us a little about the art and illustrations you create?”

I create illustrations inspired by my Italian heritage, my love of nature, florals and slow living. Embracing La Dolce Vita. I use natural, dusky colours a lot, and often include text in my work. My larger paintings explore female energy, from connection to community, and the abundant beauty of our planet.

“Where do you usually look to for inspiration?”

I have tonnes of books old and new that I reference, as well as just stepping outside and sketching what is there for us to be inspired by from the natural world, from the colours to the flowers. Sometimes this has to be done via photos, and I have lots of Pinterest boards filled with inspiration.


“What does your creative process look like?”

I like to make sure I have loads of time and a clear space in my studio with beautiful light to work from. After doing my research on an illustration brief I will sketch up design ideas in pencil until I am happy with a general look. I’ll then paint it out trying to keep the feel and lines relaxed and free. I can do this part however many times until I’m truly happy with the results.

“What materials and tools do you prefer to work with?”

I use lovely artists' paper in various natural earth colours, and paint onto canvas and board. I use a range of acrylic paints mostly. I am experimenting with making my own pigments with found items which is super fun, and a much more natural and sustainable practice, and makes each piece unique.


“What was the inspiration behind the design you created for our Roma collection? ”

The inspiration behind this design was the stunning landscape of Rome and Italy and aperitivo hours spent watching boats dot along the river and lakes.

“How does your Italian heritage influence your work?”

I really believe in embracing the simple, joyous wonders of everyday life. This is hugely influenced by my Italian side, taking slow leisurely walks, rituals, eating local and in tune with the seasons, and celebrating connection with family and friends. I try to express these timeless delights through my work, to hopefully inspire others to take time and enjoy slower living.

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