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Styled by: Bettina Looney

We spoke to #Faithfullgirl and personal shopper & stylist Bettina Looney about her pathway to becoming a personal shopper & stylist , her top 5 wardrobe must haves and tips for sourcing and buying vintage.


“Bettina, tell us about your pathway to becoming a professional stylist & shopper and any key highlights of your career? ”

"As a personal shopper and stylist its exciting to always be on top of the latest collections and launches from brands because we are seeing how trends evolve and how each of these incredible designers are creating such magnificent pieces every season that are so coveted.

Working with the incredible clients that we have been for so many years now, i would say the relationships we have built has been one of my favourite parts about what we do! It is something that’s very important to me from the very beginning! I am constantly inspired by the incredible women we meet each and every day!

I worked for a personal shopping company for two and a half years, and then I set up my own company afterwards. I was ready for something different and to do something on my own. I wanted it to be boutique, small and bespoke. We do full wardrobe refreshes and then we also create seasonal wardrobes for our clients, do styling edits and source any pieces they are after. We also resell our clients’ pieces, so that we are also circulating that fashion. It’s amazing to be able to offer that service so we can take pieces off their hands, and then we put a percentage towards charity."


“When styling an outfit where is the first place you start and what is the finishing touch?”

"When styling an outfit I usually start with the top or dress I’ll be wearing and work down!! I would definitely say dresses are my go to! Shoes and jewellery I wait until the very end to finalise an outfit and to add detailed touches to whatever it is I’m wearing that day."


“Your top 5 wardrobe must haves are:”

"- Gold statement pieces

- Recently mini dresses as they are just so easy to throw on

- A slinky kitten heel in white as it usually goes with everything

- An 80’s styled blazer with shoulder pads (own personal preference) to be able to throw on over any top or dress you have on

- A big scrunchie have to have one on me at all times"


“You have an incredible eye for vintage and a collection to compliment, any tips when sourcing and buying vintage?”

"Love a good vintage find! I think the easiest way of doing it is to find brands you love and searching those on multiple vintage sites. It helps narrow down the search and it’s usually how I come across something special! I usually also try to buy solely statement pieces when shopping vintage as I feel they are so special and also love that no one else could potentially have that piece in their wardrobe! I also feel that when buying vintage those pieces are the ones that tend to stay in your wardrobe the most!"


“How would you describe your own personal style and where do you draw your inspiration from?”

"It’s a little more on the glam side I would say and very '80s! I enjoy having a more feminine style. Before I would hold back and wear things that didn’t suit my body or me, but now, I realise I’m the most confident in more feminine silhouettes. I’m not afraid to be a bit bolder with what I’m wearing."

Words and Model :

Bettina Looney