Milos Travel Guide

The dreamy destination of our Tropiques editorial, here are our top recommendations for places to stay, eat and explore on the magical island of Milos, Greece.

Explore our Milos Editorial, 'Under The Island Sun' here. Model Taisia is captured by photographer Brydie Mack.


“Where To Stay: ”

The Island has endless accomodation options based on the trip you are after.

For a private Villa experience with undisturbed views: Skinopi Lodge.

For a traditional Grecian experience within town: House of Commons.

For a luxury hotel experience: White Pebble Suites.


“What To Do: ”

Surrounded by water and enclosed by breathtaking cliff edges, Milos offers an abundance of activities to experience both by the sea and on the land. The best way to get around the Island would be by renting a scooter or car as soon as you arrive in Milos.

Beaches: There are no shortages of beautiful beaches to spend the day by. Some of our favourites were Plathiena Beach, which offers beach chairs and a cafe with great lunch and dinner options, the glistening white sands of Firiplaka Beach, and the beautiful caves of Alogomandra Beach.

Explore Plaka: A must-do on your Milos trip is a visit (or two) to the capital town of Milos, the Plaka Village. Through this maze of narrow alleyways and paths you will find endless small boutiques, churhches and delicious restaurants.

Sarakiniko Beach: Worthy of its own call out would be the beautiful and unique beach of Sarakiniko. One of the most instagrammed of the beaches and a stand-out location from our editorial shoot, Sarakiniko beach is recognised for its eye-catching greyish-white volcanic rock that surrounds it's edges. With no beach kiosks in this oasis, we highly suggest packing some water, snacks and sunscreen to sustain you through the day.

Fishing Villages: We recommend setting aside an afternoon to visit the colourful and quaint fishing village of Mandrakia. With endless photo opportunities and a must-visit restaurant situated above, this is definitely a site worth seeing.


“What To Eat: ”

One of the best parts of a visit to Milos, Greece would have to be the mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine you get to enjoy. Ensure you order the Greek classics such as Tzadsiki, grilled octopus and prawns and a speciality specific to the island of Milos, a cheese pastry called Pitarakia.

Some of our must-eat recommendations:

1. Medusa - This is a MUST DO. Located above the quaint fishing village and overlooking a stretch of ocean, this restaurant offers a selection of fresh Mediterranean cuisine for everyone to enjoy.

2. Archontoula - Conveniently located within the town centre of Plaka, this restaurant is known for it's great food and even better atmosphere.

3. Utopia Caffe - If you are looking for a great place for afternoon drinks and nibbles before your dinner reservation, look no further than Utopia Caffe.