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We Care

 At FAITHFULL THE BRAND we choose home industry suppliers over mass production. Most of our sewers work from home in husband/wife duos so they can continue to work from home whilst taking care of their families. We support women returning from having children and wanting to get back into the workforce through the contracting of home industry suppliers that enable the duality of motherhood and earning a wage to support their families.

These women are predominantly unskilled and uneducated therefore through their employment in the home industry sector they are able to further develop their training and skills by working closely with our production team. 

We choose to work with the home industry manufacturing sector which means we are also choosing handmade over mass produced relying on less machines and therefore less energy emissions.

Having an ethical business is at our core

Community is key to us at FAITHFULL THE BRAND, with our connections to our suppliers and with the island of Bali, we have a strong desire to support these life-long relationships. We believe in being community minded and family focused, forging partnerships that are mutually beneficial being based on real and genuine family values. This is represented through our ongoing involvement & support of several local Indonesian organisations that help empower the disadvantaged in society. 

We believe in people and giving them the opportunity to grow and learn

Relationships direct with our employees and constant communication between each worker and management is crucial for us, we ensure this is daily practise.

Around 75% of our staff were hired with no previous skills, some have come from an underprivileged background and most with minimal experience to support the role they were hired to do. Therefore, we provide extensive training and continue to upskill our employees as well as paying an increased above minimum wage. By doing this we hope to provide opportunity within the workforce, teaching new skillsets and paving a path to successful futures.

Respect to the various religions and traditions within our community and its surroundings is pivotal to us, so much so that we celebrate and welcome the diverse backgrounds of our employees in many ways. 

Alongside our employees, we support forced office closures during major religious holidays to give those the chance to travel back to their families and celebrate these occasions without work hindrances or needing to take annual leave.


FAITHFULL THE BRAND supports a healthy lifestyle, mind and environment. Our Indonesian team of 110 members are provided with complimentary lunches & healthy snacks daily along with 3 x yoga sessions per week. We provide each team member with re-usable water bottles and clean filtered water dispensers throughout the office.

Staff benefits include above minimum wages, health insurance (which also included their immediate family) and the opportunity to borrow money from FAITHFULL THE BRAND directly (once an employee’s probation period is over). This loan helps give our employees the kickstart they need, it is financed directly through the company implementing a contract between FAITHFULL THE BRAND and the employee that an agreed portion will be deducted from their monthly salary.

FAITHFULL THE BRAND is inclusive, we welcome and encourage all walks of life - from cultural backgrounds, size and diversity. Our offering is growing and so are we, there is much more to come and we cannot wait to share this with you, our #FAITHFULLGIRLS.

Certification and details for our sustainable fabrications

80% of the fabrications that we, FAITHFULL THE BRAND choose to use are certified “Ecovero” fibres which are renewable wood sources that use an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards. Lenzing Ecovero fibres tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

The second staple of our collections is linen. Linen is considered to be the strongest of all-natural fibres with a low environmental impact. The more linen is worn and washed the softer it becomes, and it is extremely durable – 30% stronger than cotton; meaning that it can last decades when cared for correctly. Linen is also fully biodegradable which makes it a fantastic option for those who shop with an environmentally conscious mind and as an added bonus it is naturally insect repelling which is perfect for the FAITHFULL THE BRAND traveller.

Wear more, wash less, do repairs. At FAITHFULL THE BRAND we aim to create pieces that you can keep in your wardrobe. Goal is to educate our customers about proper garment care and repairs on our website to prolong the product life and helps to reduce negative environmental impact.