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Faithfull is committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible garments that you can feel great about wearing on the inside, and out.

From our manufacturing choices and commercial practices to our organisational culture and community investment, making better decisions across the business, which minimise our environmental footprint and maximise our positive social impact, is a continual work in progress.



We care about who makes our pieces, just as much as who they are made for. Our people are the beating heart of our brand, so we put them first. We are passionate about supporting local communities and creating a caring and collaborative work environment for everybody.

We provide...


We pay all of our 100+ employees, in Indonesia and Australia, above national minimum, along with additional benefits, such as daily lunch boxes, office yoga, and healthcare for every team member and their families. We also offer microfinancing to all employees.


We provide training programs - both internally and externally - enabling us to employ local individuals who may have no previous experience or skills specific to their role but are eager to learn. As well as professional education, we are also committed to supporting our team’s personal development through a range of holistic courses.


Community investment has been a major part of Faithfull’s mission from the beginning. Over the years, we have provided financial and managerial assistance to local businesses to support their growth, in conjunction with our own. As Faithfull continues to grow, our ongoing goal is to see these small, independent factories, and the people working within them, prosper even further.

We Give Back


    As a company, we commit to giving back to a variety of charities and organisations within our community. Our primary focus is our local community in Bali, Indonesia; however we also provide support to international organisations, based on global circumstances and the needs of the communities. We don’t only partner with established NGOs; we also like to get involved with grass-roots organisations. Some of the causes we have contributed to in recent years include Trees4Trees, Worn For Good etc.


    In August, 2018, a devastating earthquake struck Lombok, and a number of small surrounding islands. Widespread damage ensued and we supported a number of organisations through monetary assistance as well as purchasing supplies for distribution. With many people having their houses and places of business destroyed, makeshift camps were created for families to stay. We created and distributed hygiene packs full of necessities, as well as blankets and clothing, donated by our employees. We were able to give more than 5000 hygiene packs to a number of remote villages, supplied food for more than 1000 people and contributed over 100 boxes of clothing.


    We donate fabric to women’s centres within Indonesia, where they are given the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills and make blankets and other gifts. We also donate our excess stock, sample collections and fabric, to several charitable organisations across Bali and Australia, such as Thread Together, Worn for Good, the Red Cross.


    For Earth Day in 2021, we donated 100% of our online sales to Trees4Trees, which planted 15,600 trees across Indonesia. Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation based in Indonesia that focuses on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education.

  • Community Food Supplies

    In 2020, the global pandemic made a significant impact on Bali’s economy, with the tourism industry, which had been the island’s financial backbone, coming to a complete halt.

    Given that community spirit is such a core pillar of Balinese life, we launched a continuing project where our local internal team personally put together and distribute food care packages to affected communities. Although much of our community is self-sufficient, many live day-to-day so our intention in providing these food care packages is to help offer some relief and nutrition during a very difficult time.

    As of December 2021, we have supplied food to more than 5000 families and 2100 kilograms of food animal shelters. We are committed to continuing to distribute food care packages throughout the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.